Thursday, 30 November 2006


Shu got very sick on 29 November 2006. He usually finish all his food within 5 minutes n can still give u the expression "ask for more" but yesterday morning he pick at his food n didn't eat at all. Since he was not that energetic as usual, I decided to leave him inside my room instead of putting him in his crate before I leave for work.

When I got home at lunch time, I discover shu laying at his cushion and there was a huge pile of vomit on the cushion as well! I carry him to the porch for him to relieve himself and he diarhea. He vomit 3 more times and didn't want to take any water or his lunch. I quickly rush him to the vet and got some medication for him.

The vet gave him some antibotic and vomit/diarhea medication. He also told me not to let him run around (which will upset his stomach more) and put him inside his crate instead, and only to give him water and food (half of the ration) at night. He said there is 2 possibility - 1) he swallow something which did not agree with his stomach (he really like to pick up everything and tried to swallow them =_=); or 2) he may be infected with parvovirus! (shock). I got to observe him to 2 more days and if at any time he vomit / diarhea and there is blood in them, this will confirm that he has the virus and has to be admitted....poor shu. He only finish 2 vacination so far and his last one is due on 18 Dec 2006.

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