Friday, 5 January 2007


Yesterday, shushu managed to jump onto my bed!

He was left freely inside my room yesterday as I pity him being locked up in the crate after being so free during the holidays.
Since I always left him inside my room when i am at home, I do not forsee any problem and he is also never allowed on my bed. Furthermore, he is still only 3 months plus. He do occasionally managed to put his front paws on my bed but i always scolded him and push him down.

However, during the 4 hours coped up in my room, he managed to learn how to jump up on my bed. After that, he even chew up my ball pen, a greeting card and some bank statements (which are on my desk beside the bed) and make a whole mess. My dad was the first to find out, as he found shushu asleep peacefully on my bed with all the bits of paper scattering when he come home. However, he did put him back on his crate before he left for his evening hike.

When I come home, I just open the crate and to my surprise, shu promptly demonstated his new skill and sat on my bed feeling very proud of himself. Well, that earn him a big whack from the roll up newspaper and a 24/7 survelliance from me. I also got a big lecture from my dad about hygiene when he come back from his hiking. Shu is now required to be crate at night when i am sleeping.

To date, he did not try to jump up on my bed again after kena whack by the newspaper. (touch wood). Actually, the way he jump up on the bed was very well done - hehe, too bad i didn't managed to capture it on the camera - but we can't let him know that - don't we?.)

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