Saturday, 24 March 2007

Chit chat

The owner has been very busy with work and moving house hence March just passed by without any posting. Feeling guilty today, the owner decided to post something before the month ended, but what to post?

It is not that the month has been uneventful, but the owner is kind of blur right now (too much work!) - well, shushu did steal 3 pieces of gardenia bread that made grandma very upset coz it is her breakfast for that day. Shushu also torn one of the table clothes and steal an onion from the kitchen. (Btw, onion is very poisonous to dog and luckily it didn't cause shushu much harm this time). Grandma was really fuming. Being so naughty, shushu is now banned from the dinning hall and kitchen. Though so, shushu still likes to disturb grandma in the living room.......
Grandma complains a lot, but still a softie when it comes to shushu (grandma give shushu more treats than the owner.....hehe)

Anyway, here is some pictures taken by the owner recently. ( not so good quality as taken by handphone)

A blurry shushu trying to disturb grandma

A happy Shushu (probably after some mischeaf)

hmmmm.....why is shushu so attentive?

coz he is waiting for his treat....slurpp yum yum!

Hiding in a corner enjoying his treat......

That's all folks! Hope you enjoy the pictures......

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