Monday, 16 April 2007

Boils on legs

Not yet recovering from one health problem, the second problem pop up last saturday.
However, this is mainly the OWNER'S FAULT.

The owner decided to bring shushu to grooming last saturday. There was quite a bit of knots on shushu's stomach and it has caused shushu quite an itch. His ears also need some cleaning. Since he broke part of the grooming equipment on his last visit to his usual groomer, the owner decided to try another groomer nearby and brought shushu to it around 1pm. The new place was one of the shoplots and the area was quite populated (especially near lunch hour) and being a large dog (puppy), shushu might scared some of them if we were walking at the pavement. So, the owner foolishly let shushu walk on the tar road on a hot weather thinking that for such short distance (3 shophouses from where the owner park her car), there is no harm. However, the road scorched his paws and cause some boils. Poor shushu was in pain but did't cried out. After back from groomer, shushu was unsually quiet and slept the whole afternoon thru. He keep licking his paws.

On sunday morning, shushu was in pain and was limping when he is walking. The owner was in panic and didn't realise what is the problem. After the visit to the vet only we realise the cause. The vet said it will take more than one week to recover and that not to let shushu walk a lot cause it will be painful for him. Of course, the owner get reprimand by the vet for letting shushu walk under the hot sun.

The owner would like to said "very SORRY" to shushu for causing him so much uncomfortable condition. Shu will miss his training and all his daily walk until he recovers.

And for others doggy owner out there, please don't your beloved doggy walk on the tar road under the hot sun. This owner learn it the hard way and her dog has to suffer!

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