Saturday, 7 April 2007

ice ice baby!!

Last Saturday, my brother decided to give shu a treat and made a big chunk of ice for shu to play at the porch. Shu was escastic. He usually get a few ice cubes from the freezer sometimes to cool him down and for him to chew...but, when he saw the big chunk of ice, he did not know what to do with it. He can't bite it like the usual ice cube (this one too big)

Arrghhh...why can't i lift it up like usual.....

So, he started licking on it

and continue licking................

Shu spend almost 5 minutes just licking on the ice.

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However, the fun started when the ice began to melt at the bottom and become wet and slippery. Then it become a chasing and barking game for shu. at one point of time, he even "skate" with the ice, aka by putting a paw on it and move around.

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Finally, the ice break into half after much assault from shu and he happily settle down for a cooling chewing time.

Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon for shu and a great way for him to keep cool at the same time. I guess we found a nice play stuff for him.

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