Friday, 21 September 2007

Birthday celebration

We didn't plan anything much for shushu for his 1 year old birthday celebration. Originally, I decided just to cook him a nice meal in the morning but unfortunately, the kitchen cooker battery died on the same time.......

So, for his birthday breakfast - he got canned food instead.
I opened a can of Solid gold lamb, barley and carrot meal that look like this:

Then added half of his ussual kibbles and mix them up.

Shushu waiting for the food at the kitchen.

Unfortunately, he didn't like the can food. He ate it even slower than just only the usual kibbles. So, I decided to make him a nicer meal in the evening.....

For his evening meal, he got chicken, potato and carrot boiled with a little bit of garlic.

shushu deeply concentrating on his meal

Finally allowed him to eat.

But that's not all yet. We decided to cook him a dessert - a little steam cake (since my house no oven) for his birthday. I don't have any recipe and with the limited ingredient in the house, I just try making something similar to a pancake. I used 1 egg, 1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of flour, shredded carrot and apples and a spoonful of honey and combined them together.
This is how the mixture looks like.

This is how it look like after cooked. Ugly ler?

Surprisingly, he likes it.

He also got a soft bone for his chewing pleasure after the meal. I guess shushu birthday celebration was more like a food banquet for him that day. Hope he liked it!


Amber-Mae said...

Hi Shu Shu! Remember me? I was at KKB too... I found you in Prince's blog. Woooow! What a feast you had for your 1st birthday! I would never get to eat that much coz my mommy Melissa wants to keep me slim. I'll be celebrating my 2nd Barkday(means Birthday) this Sunday at Taman Desa the training grounds & I would like to invite you. Everybody's welcome to celebrate with me infact, the whole of Taman Desa is welcomed! Hehehehe, won't be a very biiiig pawty, just sing song & makan cake, cookies & some frozen livers my hooman M will be making for all the doggies there. YUMMY! It will start at 9.30am sharp after my Agility class. Anyway, hope you can come to just join the fun & hope to see you in my bloggy too. Blogger got some problem today & I can't seem to post today. Sigh...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

shushu said...

Hi amber-mae,
Sorry for late reply - just saw your comment only today.
Of course I remember you, chloe and faith too....hehehe! My master said you guys are really obediant and well behaved - such lovely & nice furkids. She was comparing to the rascal she have (means me)...kekeke.
Ooh, thank you for inviting us to your barkday party! Taman Desa is so far away...doubt we can make it coz we stay in ipoh. :(
Hope you have a lovely party on Sunday and Happy Barkday to you...muack muack (kisses)!!!