Tuesday, 20 November 2007

shushu & kero playing with each other

Last saturday, master brought kero to the vet for another checkup and the vet finally confirmed that kero's ringworm infection is healing and allowed kero and shushu to mix now.

First thing master did was to bathe kero, coz kero smell - yucks. After kero is nice and dry, master put kero in my crate and let us sniff at each other.
Hey, come out - that's mine!
Immediately, a round of barking and jumping around between both of us started. After some time, both of us quieten down. With nothing to do, we followed prince's example and started practising qi gong with each other.

Look into my eyes and give me your paws (new qi gong method)

Then, master finally let kero out. Kero started approaching.

Sniffing each other - see the difference in size
kero: hey, don't bully me though i am small....pfffttt (stick out his tongue!)
Shushu: grrrr, no tongue sticking!!!
Kero: wah, faster run away........
Kero: master, koko (big brother) bully me! (pitiful face)

Updated: Forgot to add the video of them playing:


Pacco de Mongrel said...

hahah.... that picture of shuhu n kero doing qi gong towards each other is absolutely hilarious....

hope they would hv fun time together n d house will be more merrier...

i believe more dogs means more happiness...juz hope not more mess...hehehe....

Prince said...

haha qi gong... next time we meet, we can challenge with each others :)

Great and I very envy u got a companies... I wish my pappy bring me another friend as he promise me a CAT :p

Amber-Mae said...

Awww, they both look sooo cute together. I play with the kitty like that too. I like to poke & nudge him too with my paw paw & nose.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dogzilla said...

Waa, altho your owner say you are rough hor Shushu, I think you're not leh.

I see the walk you walk over Kero-chan very gentle de, legs open wide wide so you wont step on him.

Congratulations on new didi!