Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A little update!

Hi! This is Kero here.

Last Friday my owner brought me to the vet for my last injection and check up.
I got the checkup as I play too rough with my big brother shushu and have a little bald spot on my forehead now. The bald spot seems to stay bald and not healing so my owner got a little bit worried. Luckily, the vet assured my owner that is not serious and it will grow back.

See my bald spot

Just when I thought I can finally join my big brother shushu on his daily walk, my owner told me that I have to get used to the leash first before she will bring me out. Furthermore, she don't think she can handle 2 dogs together outside and we may have our walk separately. So at this moment, big brother shushu still enjoy his daily morning walk with my owner without me. :(

It is not fair! (kero sulking)

Sad look

p/s: I am taking over the blog today as my big brother, shushu injured his right side hind leg while playing in the porch yesterday. There was a little bit of bleeding and some swelling at the part between the toes, so my owner commanded him to take a rest first. Oh oh, maybe it is his turn to go and visit the vet then.....hmmmm


TH said...

Hi Kero,
I hope that you and Shushu are feeling better now.
Don´t be sad. You will make daily walks soon!

Love and licks

MoMo said...

Oh gee, Kero! Don't be sad! I am sure you will be able to have your walk soon.

Prince said...

bald = rich...

kero will rich soon :)

Amber-Mae said...

Ooops! How come I didn't see this post earlier...? The hair should grow back but Chloe's bald spots never grew back for months until my hoomans bought a bottle of tee tree oil. That really helped to grow back fast! Within one week, can see improvements...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer