Tuesday 4 August 2009

RIP my dear Momo

My dearest Momo passed away today.

I found in her usual spot - all curl up inside her food bowl, sleeping peacefully when i come back from work. The only difference between today and the other days is that she never wake up from her sleep even though how much i coax her with the fresh vegetable or fruits. Usually upon smelling the vege, without opening her eyes, she will start to move her little arms around and stretch them as far as possible to feel for the food. Once she located it, she will grab it back and start munching it while her eyes are still closed.

Her favourite past time when she is wide awake - is running on her wheel. She can run for hours and usually her wide awake time is from midnight to early morning. To tease her, if you take out the wheel from her tank, she will always have this frantic look and start banging her hands on the wall of the tank - like saying "let me out, where is my wheel" until you put back the wheel into the tank and she will go all calm and happy inside her wheel again.

My sister and I had a hard time when we bury her little body in the flower bed behind my house today.

Momo, thank you for staying with me these 2 years.
You will always be in my heart. Love you lots.


Wednesday 22 April 2009

-Hibernation mode-

To our dear friends,

Thank you for visiting our blog and sorry for MIA for so long!

We are fine here. We just want to let everyone know that our owner has decided to stop updating this blog now.

However, we will still drop by from time to time with some updated pictures.
Here are some recent photos of Kero for today. The little baby has grown up quite a lot now.

Here's a wink from shushu!

Goodbye and take care everyone!

Thursday 18 September 2008

Shushu is two today ^ ^

On 18 September 2006, a little golden puppy is born. About 2 months later, he was seperated from his siblings and mom and brought to a new home.

His new owner took a look of him, thought for many days and finally named him as shushu (after a loyal dog character in One Piece anime).

(pictures of little shushu when he first arrived)

Little shushu was full of joy and michieve all the time. He likes to steal sis's slipper and hide it his owner bed all the time, which leave the sister fuming mad. However, he can easily get out of trouble by melting sister's heart with a sad look.

He has a favourite companion at that time which he never seen without it (until he grow a new set of teeth and promptly destroy it into pieces around 5 months old)

When he was 4-5 months old, shushu tried to sneak out of the gate and injured himself at the grille there. The wound was quite serious and almost gave his owner a heart attack.

The wound heal nicely and the owner thought the worst was over.

Unfortunately, around 7 months old, shushu caught tick fever and has to be hospitalised. It was very serious - we almost lost shushu again......but shushu fight back and survive the ordeal.

(healthy shushu after recovering from the tick fever)

We were so relieved, but one month before his birthday, shushu caught pneumonia while boarding at a kernal and almost die again.

The owner was quite heartbroken and wonder if shushu ever survive his first birthday. But 18 September 2007 come, and shushu celebrated.

Well, times passes by - shushu went for his first swimming trip and dog event, got himself 2 new siblings, chew lots of carpets, goes into barking competition with the neighbourhood dogs in the middle of the night, got poisoned by a toad and got biten by a stray dog as well. (><)

And as at today, Shushu is celebrating his 2nd Birthday!!! The owner is feeling nostalgic and hope shushu has many more birthdays to come :)



Award from Amber

Amber gave us an award very long time ago but our owner is so forgetful (plus lazy) hence we have yet to update our blog on this. We are so so sorry about this Amber and thank you very much for the nice award!

Here is the award we got from Amber:

Suggested Rules for Accepting this Award are:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog

Since we are so late in posting this, most of our friends has already got it so we are not passing it to anyone anymore ><.

Thanks Amber again for the beautiful award!!!

Thursday 14 August 2008

Kero is One!

Hoho, today is my little brother, Kero's barkday!!!
The mini fella has finally turn one (though he still look as small as ever)...hmmmm.

Since today is his barkday, our owner got him cupcake to celebrate! It is plain vanilla flavour and our owner put a small dog biscuit on top of it for decoration.

We are waiting for the cakes!

Here they are:

Arrgh, when can we eat?

Anyway, Happy barkday to Kero! You are a big boy now!!!

Lots of love,
Big brother shushu

p/s: since abu is same litter as kero, today is Abu's barkday too! We would like to wish Abu Happy Barkday too!!

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Kero goes on an adventure!

Last Sunday, we ditched my big brother, shushu at home and went for a CKCS gathering in KL.

Abu and juliet's mummy was very nice to come all the way from KL to Ipoh, to be our guide (as my master is direction blind!). We started our journey around 11am and reach KL at about 1pm. We also stop by Setapak to pick up my aunt, chelsea and her human, Hun.

We reached the gathering place after 2pm. There was lots of ckcs there!
Abu and juliet proceed to get acquainted with the other ckcs while i was quite shy at first.

Another sniffing session

There was lots of food there and we got to have some too!

There was a nice pool at the gathering place and we get to swim in it.
(p/s: Actually, it was more like the human keep throwing us inside the pool and we, the doggies keep swimming frantically back to the shore - evil humans!)

A few of the lucky ones get to escape the dunking session and were placed in boat!

Abu was not so lucky in this picture - he was in the process of being carried to the middle of the pool to be dunked.

A very wet abu after being dunked in the pool!

Mummy, mummy - kero wants to be carried too!

Kero (standing) and Juliet (laying down)

Here a short video of the gathering :)

At around 5 something, it is time to go home and the humans towelled us dried.

We have a wonderful time at the gathering. I met so many relatives and got a chance to test my swimming (dunking) skill. Thanks to Jean and Derrick for inviting us and thanks to abu's mummy, elaine for accompanying us on the journey.


p/s: the photos are taken by elaine, suki, beckz, pickers and jovian as kero's mummy was too busy supervising her kepoh son during the gathering to take much photo. Thanks for letting me use the photos on the blog!

Monday 4 August 2008

Momo is 1

Yay! Momo is now 1 year old.

We love u momo girl! <3