Wednesday, 20 December 2006

shu is 3 months old!!!

Yes, shu is 3 months old now!!

Though I have shu for about 5 weeks only, it seems like a long time as taking care of a puppy is not as easy as it seems. Not just only feeding him, cleaning his poo and pee, playing with it and grooming but also sometimes unexpected things may happen. For me, the first scare being the vomiting episode whereby the vet suspected him of contracting parvovirus.... we have to keep him under close supervision (aka putting him in his crate most of the time). After 2 days of vomitting and losing his appetite, he suddenly become so skinny (and lose all his puppy fat). Then 1 week later, before he can recover, his fur started to drop like there is no tomorrow. He has bald patches all over the body. We have to rush him to the vet again for checkup and vet told us that shu might be allergic to his puppy shampoo. I was like - it can't be, the shampoo was recommended by the pet shop - all natural ingredient, no more tears and super gentle puppy shampoo. Expensive too - but the vet said not every puppy is the same and different dogs can be allergic to different stuff.

At that point of time, he really look hideous =_=. Thin, gangly with long legs that are so skinny, and somemore with patches of fur missing all over the body. I got so many comments that he look very ugly (even uglier than street dogs - anjing liar), that he look sicky, and that I didn't feed him enough and worse - that I mistreat my puppy from friends and relatives when they met him.

Everyday when I look at him, my heart ache. I felt like I must have done something wrong to make such a cute & healthy puppy become like this. I keep thinking that if I have more experience, had read more or learn more - he won't turn out to be like this. However, since it has already turn out this way, we try our best to give him all our attention, love and care and hope he will regain his health and look. We bring him for walk, play with him, feed him medicine and suppplement and spend whatever time we can spare for him. Little by little, his legs and body grow bigger (and fatter - hehe) and the fur stop dropping that much.

Today, he look much more fine now - not as beautiful as when he was at 2 months (shorter fur now after most of it dropping) but at least much more healthier than when he is sick. Besides that, it was also in a way lucky that he did not contract parvovirus as what the vet suspected. I did read through the articles on parvovirus at that time and it was really horrifying.

So - at the milestone of 3 months old (sound like very old liao), I hope shu will keep on growing and stay healthy always! Good luck to Shushu!!

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