Sunday, 24 December 2006

shu's 3rd vacination

Yesterday we brought shu to his vet for his 3rd vacination. He was very naughty there, running around and trying to chew the plant in the clinic.

His vet help to clean his ear, which is quite clean - just a little bit of wax near the ear canal, and gave him his worm tablet. When come to his vacination time, normally before the vet stick the needle into him, he will start struggling and whimper. However, yesterday he didn't even make a sound! What a brave boy. I did make a comment to his vet that he is getting braver but his vet reply probably he didn't feel it so much as compared to his 2nd injection because his skin has grown thicker! ><

The vet also check his weight - which is ok, but can still feed him a little bit more - haha, shu must be very happy getting this news as he is a eating machine.

His eyes were also checked as they were sightly reddish - and the vet gave him some eyes drop for treatment. The vet said maybe some infection as he likes to sniff around and eat stuff and something may have got into his eyes - nothing serious.

I also bought some heart worm tablet from the vet. The advise was either to start now or wait until he is 6 months. I decided to start early.

When we reached home, he is still very playful and active. I was quite surprise as when he took his second injection he just come back and slept the whole afternoon away. However, when approaching evening, we can see that he started not feeling well, he keep trying to chew stuff, getting a bit aggressive and moody. He dislike it when we put him inside the playpen (barking non stop which he usually don't) and stick to us like glue.

In the end, I have to put him inside his crate and let him alone so he can sleep. Luckily, this morning he is feeling much more better and has revert back to his usual self.

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