Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Big Big Bone

Last Sunday I bought a very big rawhide bone for Shu to play with. He was so happy having it, he carry with him wherever he goes. The bone is quite big and he looks quite funny carrying it around the house. However, this is the first time he was very possesive of his toys. He wouldn't let us touch it. When we approach him, he will quickly run off with his bone and hide at a corner or under a chair. Luckily, he didn't growl at us when we approach. If not, I would have taken it away.

I only let him play with it for around 1 hour on Sunday. Shu still manage to make half of the bone drenched with his saliva so I have to leave it outside to dry a bit.

Yesterday, I return the bone back to Shu and let him play with it for 2 hours. He manage to chew one of the corner off. When I wanted to take the bone away, he quickly ran away with it. In the end, I have to exchange it with some treats. I only manage to take the remainder of the bone away. Shu just won't part away with the corner piece. My brother was quite frustrated as he feels that shu is being very stuborn and the bone is encouraging his possesiveness behaviour. He chased him around and manage to corner him in my room under my rattan chair. Shu was so preoccupied with the bone and the chase and so scare of my brother, he forgot to go outside to pee. He end up peeing at the rattan chair in my room! What a mess....... I end up locking him in his crate, threw the corner piece in the dustbin and spring clean my room. Sigh! what a tiring day.......

Today as a punishment I didn't let Shu play with the rawhide bone. Maybe I will let him play in the weekend. I did took some photos of Shu with the bone on Sunday - I will post it later!

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