Saturday, 27 January 2007

Puppy Class

Last Sunday I registered Shu for obedience class and brought him to YWCA for his first lesson.

He was quite happy to see so many dogs and people there.
There was a lot of GSDs, 4 golden, 1 labrador, 2 chihuahua, 2 silkies and 1 shi tzu. I think Shu was the youngest participant on that day.

Since it was his first lesson, we were asked to just follow what the rest of the group is doing....... which are basically, heel, sit, turn left/right, down, stay.
Shu was quite confused and refused to walk along most of the time. Sometimes he just lay on the ground - even the pulling of choke chain doesn't help to move him. He did ok on the sitting part though.

Since it is only the first lesson, I just want him to socialise with the other doggies. He is very friendly to people but I was not sure how is his behaviour towards other dogs. He did not get many chances to meet other doggies in our neighbourhood. It seems he is friendly towards the doggies as well. But got to be careful as some of the dogs there are quite hostile.

After his training, he was dead tired he slept through 3 hrs without waking up - my brother even shake his body! That's a first time....

This coming Sunday will be his 2nd lesson but unfortunately, I have to attend a compulsory company teambuilding exercise in Lumut for the weekend. I have requested my brother to bring Shu for his class, but that will depend on whether my brother can wake up in time for it or not. Class start at 10am -12noon.

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