Thursday, 1 February 2007

Shu (Shu Shu) name origin

The first time I brought Shu (or most of the time called shushu) to his puppy class 2 weeks ago, the trainer asked me what gender and name is my puppy. I replied him that it is a male and called shushu. He was so astonished and laughed out loud - he said " how can - a male GR puppy be called shushu" (=_=)"
I was quite pissed at that point of time. I replied that I like the name though it sound very "girly" and "unsuitable".

Since I am quite free today, let me explained a little bit on the origin of the name Shu Shu .......

Wonder how Shu Shu name is derived from?

Well, I am a fan of anime series and while watching an episode of One Piece, there was a doggy character named "shushu" in it. Shushu was a male doggy owned by a pet store owner, who has since passed away. However, Shushu remained loyally at the pet store guarding it and keeping it safe for it deceased owner. In the anime, the villain - a pet tamer and his lion was looking for food and come across the pet store. Though intimidated by the sheer size and the ferociousness of the lion, Shushu didn't back off but hold on his ground (in promise of his owner) and fought bravely with lion in order to protect its pet shop. I was so touched by the bravery and loyalty shown by Shushu, I decided that my future doggy will be named as shushu in hope that it will be as brave and loyal as the anime Shu shu - hehe!

Well, if you are curious and wanted to know how the anime shushu look like, I found this clip in youtube, which is a tribute to shushu from the anime one piece. Enjoy!

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