Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Healthy shushu at 8 months

Last Friday I brought shushu to the vet there again for a checkup and also because he developed some rashes at the stomach and hind legs area.

Shushu is very happy to be at the vet there. I dunno why, but before I stop the car he already got quite excited and wanted to get down from the car. Even the vet asked me whether shushu is this happy when he reach her clinic, coz she said it was so suprising to see a dog this happy at the vet! I think he miss the vet and her 2 very nice assistants very much and is very happy to see them again. He look very at home there (trying to run here and there) and even bark at the rest of the doggies who are waiting for treatment =_=.

Vet said he look so much healthier than the last visit (yay!). Shushu even put on quite a lot of weight, from about 20kg(sick) to 25kg. Vet said that is quite enough as she didn't want shushu to gain too much weight and stress his hips. Well, I guess I will put shushu back on normal ration of his dog food and no more snacks for him. The vet gave shushu some edible cream to apply at his rashes. Vet said he probably got some bateria infection due to allergy to weeds that brushed at his stomach area(when out at the field) or from laying on the floor too much (siew chu - roast pig position). The stomach area was quite bare (without much fur) as they were trimmed off for the ultrasound last time. I guess I got to clean the floor more frequently (mop 2 days once) and with more gentle cleaning solution from now on. His hips are ok too.

Before we leave the vet clinic, shushu got a chewing treat from one of the assistant and the other assistant took him out for a short walk at the field opposite the clinic. I guess now you know why shushu loves the assistant so much!!

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