Monday, 28 May 2007

shushu's guide: Playing with a bone

Hi. This is shushu. Since I am very bored - my master fell sick yesterday and did not play with me, I will just write a short guide on how to play with your bone.

Firstly, to chew the bone with optimal pleasure, you must find a nice spot to lay down. For example,

On the master lap

or on a comfy cushion

if the above option is not available, a nice cool and clean floor will also do.

Then, you can first proceed to begin sniffing at the bone.

Start biting at the fattest corner.

Chew vigorously, so that bits and pieces of the bone can fall off.

or use it as a toothpick to keep your teeth nice and clean.

If you are bored with the chewing, you can also carry it around when doing your 100 laps around the sofa.

Hope you enjoy the guide and happy chewing!!!

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