Friday, 15 June 2007

Bubble fun

One week ago, my sister bought a bottle of soap bubbles to play with shushu. Shushu loves chasing moving stuff and the bubbles are a fun way for him to play without swallowing anything.

Well, we started at the living room and shushu had a ball chasing after them.

waiting for the bubbles

In fact, he was a bit overwhelmed by the numbers of bubble floating around.

This is his view of what the bubbles look like:

We played for a while, not too long as shushu may get too tired. However, playing in the living room was not a good idea......the floor was a bit wet and quite sticky. I end up mopping the floor after the session.

2 days later, we play another round of bubbles, but this time is at the car porch. Here are the pictures:

Thanks a lot to sis who thought of the idea and spend the time playing with shushu!

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