Tuesday, 5 June 2007

something happy

Hi! This is shushu's owner. I just want to pen in something I feel very happy about. Last Sunday, the trainer praised shushu that he has improved in his training. Shushu has succesfully master his "sit & stay" command. Yay!! \(^_^)/

Usually, he will try to follow me or run to the shade once i let go of his leash and walk away. But last Sunday, he sat and stayed really still while i walk a circle before returning back to him.

I must have bragged to so many people already. To other people, it is probably a very small matter but I am very happy about this, as usually i always get negative comments from trainers - not on shushu (don't worry), but more on the handler(owner - me). It seems like I spoilt shushu too much, not being firm with him, me being too "lembik" and so on.......

Honestly speaking, after hearing those, I am kind of worry that I wouldn't be able to handle shushu by myself and he may end up rowdy and undiscipline. It is also quite sad as shushu did have a very good potential (very smart). But last sunday it really make my day! I am a very proud "parent". So, before I forget, i better record this in. Kekeke, maybe this is the only time I will hear a praise from the trainer! Now, to move to the next command, "down & stay"


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