Saturday, 23 June 2007

MKA dog show

Hi. This is shushu.

Last Sunday, I had a break from training (Yay, no need to sit under the hot sun!) as the trainers went for a MKA training demo at South City Plaza. The bad news was Master and Brother went together with the trainers as well and left me alone at home (well, with sis) ......

There was a talk on training by a trainer from Singapore. Unfortunately, the dog crazy master and brother was too distracted by the dog show held at the ground floor and got separated from the group. They only managed to find the MKA office after almost an hour and by the time they got there, the training had just ended.

However, they got to visit the MKA training area and look at the agility equipment there. They also got to watch the MKA Obedient team do a practise demo. Master said that the KL doggies was very fortunate to have such a nice training place - with roof, nice big fans to cool the doggies, interesting agility equipment and a fence to keep the doggy safe. Compared with the hot and sunny open field in Ipoh, it was heaven. Master hope that next time we may get a better training ground so that I can concentrate on her command instead of moving here and there trying to shade myself now.

Here is some photo on the demo in MKA training area:

After that, master and brother went and have a look at the dog show. There was so many beautiful doggies there. Here is some photos:

A gorgeous golden

Another gorgeous golden - looks like he is reading the MKA notice though

a very friendly golden

adorable CKCS

stylish shitzu

lovely yorkie

a MS sharing a personnal moment with it's handler

a beautiful maltese

nice silky

a poodle being groomed - notice the "make up" box on the right has the poodles and the owner photo as well?

a welsh corgi?

the hectic scene of the handlers and dogs preparing for the competition

Master and brother spend almost the whole day there and only come back at night.
This is a photo of me waiting for master to come back home.........

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