Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Toys oh toys

Hi. Shushu's master here.
I am currently having a headache buying shushu's toys, coz he destroys them all the time! I am very tempted not to get him anymore toys but that will mean he has nothing to occupy his afternoon while I am away to work. Moreover, when he is bored and has nothing to bite, my living room's furniture will have to suffer..... I have half eaten coffee table, tv cabinet as well as rocking chair. The antibite spray doesn't help at all - he doesn't mind bitter stuff (=_="). I bet he will eat the bittergourd if I give him one. Discipline doesn't help as he doesn't do it when we are around so we can never catch him red handed. Anyway, back to toys, here is a list of those I have tried:

Soft toys
Shushu's first toy and his most favourite. They were suitable until he reaches 5 months. Then, the toys started to lose their body parts - eyes, ears, legs, etc.
He chew a hole in every one of them, then pull the cotton out and swallowed them! It was quite dangerous and luckily he poo out the cotton. The worst is the cotton (with poo) always stuck to his butt fur. He will freak out when he realised this and cause a mess around the house by running around and rubbing his butt all over the place, which will end up with me mopping the floor for an hour everytime this happened.
Soft toys now can only last about 10 minutes to maximum 1/2 hour.

his all time fav soft toy turtle - RIP now

project destroying winnie the pooh in progress - RIP

Rope toys
Good for exercising the teeth - nice to sink the teeth into yet soft enough not to cause any hurt to the baby teeth. Shushu also love this very much! Again, when he reaches 5 months, he starting chewing off the fringe at both and and swallow those threads...... so, most of the time, his ropes has stub at both end instead of fringe. about one month ago, he finally found a way to bite through the middle of the rope and then untangle them into pools of threads. That's the day all his rope toys got destroyed.
Any new toys with ropes gets chew off within an hour.

smaller shushu with his rope toys - RIP

Squeeky toys (plastic)
Shushu loves squeeky stuff. I guess he likes interactive ones. When we are around, he will purposely carry one and squeek it nonstop just to annoy us so we will play with him. Problem will plastic squeeky toys is they are made of soft plastic and hence can't last. Shushu will tear them apart and swallow the plastic. This is so dangerous and they can get stuck in his intestine and cause blockage.
Squeeky plastic toys can last one day maximum.

with squeeky red ball - non squeeky now as it is full of holes

posing nicely with mr crab before digging in - last only 1 day. poor mr crab was left with only half of the face intact and all his ropes legs chewed off - RIP

Tennis ball
shushu loves the bouncy and elastic tennis ball but somehow managed to destroy them, via the "kopek" / peeling an orange skin style. And it seems that his orange peeling skill is getting better, the time has shorten between the first tennis ball (2 days) to 2nd tennis ball (2 hours).

a picture of mr happy face tennis ball before it got "peel" by shushu - RIP

Nylon bones
These are quite durable and last for sometime, depending on the material. The soft type doesn't last as long as the hard/tough type, but shushu like it more. Had to be quite careful on the hard type as one of these bones cause shushu teeth to bleed after chewing it.

soft type bone

Rubber toys like kongs, cuz, etc
Last the longest, but shushu doesn't like it that much, except for cuz coz got squeeky inside. He only likes it when we put some food inside (kong). After he managed to extract the food, the toy will be abandoned.

biscuit kong

posing with purple rubber ball

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