Sunday, 22 July 2007

Down with pneumonia

I am very sad to say that shushu is very sick again, this time down with pneumonia.

I took him to the vet on saturday morning when I noticed that his appetite is diminishing and his breathing is real loud. I was really shocked when the vet told me his right lung has infection and it look serious. Shushu vomitted when we come back, vomitted another time in the evening and again at night, each time after he took his medicine. He refused any intake of food after he vomitted so many times.

By Sunday morning - shushu's condition worsened. He is very weak as he has no intake of food nor medicine. I decided to take him to another vet for a 2nd diagnosis. There, the vet said that both lungs are infected. As his fever is still there, Shushu was given 3 injections immediately. The vet also said no bathing and playing/exercise with shushu as it will worsen the condition. The vet also advised us to get a termometer at home to check shushu's temperature constantly to gauge whether the fever is diminishing. If the temperature drop, the medicine is effective. However, if after 3 days and the conditions still persist, the vet will have to take a culture test to decide the next course of action.

At this moment, shushu is sleeping in the living room. I am very tired now as I have been taking care of shushu over the weekend, cleaning the vomit and making sure he is comfortable. I just hope I am not losing shushu this round.

Just a day difference, shushu on friday night:

saturday morning shushu

a very sad owner,

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