Monday, 23 July 2007

Pneumonia - update

Shushu vomited again on sunday midnight and refused to eat anything today. I bought all sort of can foods to tempt him but he just refused all of them.

By lunch time, he still refused to eat anything and I have no choice but to admit him to the clinic to be placed under IV drips (under the vet advice). I brought shushu to the clinic and he was very quiet there, which is so unlike him at all. The vet was quite busy due to lunch time and shushu just lay quietly at my feet while waiting for his turn. When his turn come, I leave him under the vet care and return to work.

I visited him again after work to check on his condition. The good news is that his fever is reducing, which the vet says it is a good sign that the antibiotic is working. However, the vet said that he is still dripping a lot of saliva, which is not so favourable. So far, no more vomitting at the moment.

I find Shushu looking a bit more alive, which he was not for the past 2 days. Previously, he was mostly is a daze due to his high fever and lack of food intake, and would constantly just paused and stared into space. Today, though he is still very tired, I can see that his eyes is much more clearer and he smiled at us. When we arrive at the clinic, he did not make any noise when he saw us, but just wagged his tail furiously. I patted him and told him to be strong and to get well soon, and that I will be seeing him again tomorrow. We just stayed there for 10 minutes talking to him. However, when we leave, we could hear him barking for us, asking for us to stay with him.

Sigh! I miss him terribly. I pray that he will be well and will stay with us for a long time.

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