Friday, 24 August 2007

Shushu and the celery

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there live a young doggy named shushu, who loves to eat vegetables. One of his favourite veggie is celery. He just loves the feeling of chewing on a juicy and crunchy celery, simply irresistable!!

One day, he happened to meet with a very big juicy celery.

Shushu's eyes just light up with happiness upon seeing the beautiful celery. Wait, things was not as simple as it seems, for the celery was not that easily attainable! It was actually being hold captive by....(tahdah!) a evil master. Shushu beg and beg for the celery but no avail. The evil master demanded for shushu to bow down before him. But that's not all. Shushu was made to balance the celery on his nose while laying down. Poor shushu!

(Doesn't he look miserable?). However, when the evil master was distracted, shushu took the opportunity and made a daring escape and even rescue the beautiful!!

That's not the end yet. Shushu went on and participate in a eating competition and won the fastest celery chewer ever. He broke the record by finishing in less than 2 minutes! Here is an actual footage of the eating competition:

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Hope you enjoy the short story! The end.

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