Sunday, 26 August 2007

Shushu first outing!!!!

Today shushu did not have training class because the MKA trainers were invited to Pantai Remis to present a dog obedience demo there. All the doggies owners at the training were invited to tag along with their dogs so that various type of doggies can be introduced to the folks at Pantai Remis during the demo.

I decided to bring shushu to the event and asked my cousin to tag along for the trip. Everyone met at the Petronas station at Pengkalan at 8.30 am and began our journey to Pantai Remis. It was drizzing early in the morning and there are about 10 cars/MPVs going for the journey.

We reached Pantai at about 10.30am. The rain stop and it was a bright and sunny day at Pantai. The event was held at the community hall at Pantai. When we reached there, we were quite surprised to see so many people coming for the event. The folks at Pantai were very kind to reserve some parking place beside the hall, to facilitate the owners and doggies.

A picture of shushu when we arrive:

Here is a video clip taken when some of us reach Pantai. It was really festive there. :)

Let me introduce some of Shushu's doggies friends:

Here is sweet Tessa, a 6 months old GR:

Tessa is really adorable and cute. A very happy GR and will do anything for FOOD!!

This is Gordon, a 4+ years old GR.

Gordon has beautiful brownish coat and is a very smart GR. He is highly trained and excel in his obedience class.

Coming next is Boston, a cheeky JRT:

Boston is constantly moving hence this is the best photo I took of him. He is very playful and know really a lot of tricks!! Boston excel in agility class.

This is gentle Bobo, the labrador retriever:

Bobo is very camera shy but performed very well in obedience.

Bobby the adorable ACS

Bobby likes to climb on shushu and licks his ears. Always make shushu angry and started barking at him ><

Others doggies spotted at the event:

Chow chow

Doberman, rottie and GSD

Hush puppies!!! (basset hound)


Fox terrier

Alert! Alert! Mastiff spotted behind Bobo...

A closer pic of the mastff


camera shy silkies!

A Basenji

The event kicked off with an introduction of various breeds of dogs. It started with the parade of the smallest doggies, the chihuahuas and ended with the biggest one, the mastiff. After Bobo the labrador retriever turn, the GR's was next and Gordon, Tessa and Shushu walk together twice around the venue.

After the introduction is over, a pet fashion show is held before the basic obedience class demo is presented. Shushu took part in this with Tessa, Boston, Bobby, Rina(GSD) and CianLoong(mix). Shushu did ok except at the sit and leave your dog command. He run school halfway......

After the basic class demo, the advance class demo kicked in. Some of the participants are Gordon, Bobo (lab), Bobo (silky) and Jason (chihuahua).
A pic during the advance class demo:

The last event was high level obedience and protection demo done by Dr Loo and his GSD. They performed really well and were given generous applause by the audience. The event ended at about 12.30 noon and all of us were treated to a nice lunch before we depart back to Ipoh.

Petting table with silkies, chihuahuas and minpin

Shushu looking tired when leaving:

Overall, it was a great experience and a good exposure for shushu.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

hi sushu....

nice meeting u...

seems like d event r crowded wit so many ppl n doggies...

shushu said...

hi Pacco,

Nice meeting u too....
Yah, very crowded. Look like the whole town turn up for the demo event :)