Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Up to mischieve again...............

Last Sunday, Shushu did a very horrible thing.

Big sis woke up in the morning and discover shushu has pulled, chewed and swallowed a big chunk of the living room carpet!!

The orginal look of the carpet (one day before the incident)

The damage.

Oh, my gosh.... we found a pile of vomit at his mattress, which contain some remains of the carpet. After scolding him, we locked him inside his crate for about 1/2 hour as part of the punishment.

Big sis was very angry because she just bought the carpet less than 2 months ago and shushu never bite the carpet before. We even chose something that is very short and durable so he cannot pull the thread out. The carpet was bought for him as we noted he has sores at the elbow of the front paws due to too much contact with the hard floor. Besides this, we want to reduce the probability of him slipping on the tiles floor by covering it with carpet. Well, I guess no more carpet for him after this fiasco.

By afternoon after his lunch, I noticed shushu drank a lot of water. After he finished his bowl of water, he even went to the porch where there is a big pail of water and drank those up too. Immediately after that, he tried to poo, but the poo come out very little and watery. He poo all over the porch. While I was cleaning the porch, he vomited all over the living room and on his favourite cushion.........

It was a horrible mess! There is big chunks of thick threads (shape like maggi mee) all over the place together with his lunch content. I spent 2 hours cleaning up the mess. I put him back in the crate but did not have the heart to scold him. He looked quite unwell and miserable - all the anger in the morning evaporated. I called his vet and he just ask me not to let him drank any more water for a while.

Much later in the evening after he look kind of stable, I give him some mashed hard boiled egg as he was very hungry. After a while, he went and look for water again....... Sis just filled up the pail at the porch for her garden and shushu drank almost all of them. He started to poo again....but the poo was stuck as there was a thick thread of carpet in it. He panicked and dragged all over the porch. The whole porch, most of the shoes and his butt and hind legs has poo all over them. (sorry for the gory details) Luckily we managed to close the living room door in time or else.........

I have to calm him down and pull the thread out carefully(really long one) with the poo. Before I managed to do anything else, he vomited clear water and pieces of egg at the porch. Really shocking and messy again......

I clean him up with baby wipes (since he can't be bathe yet) first, crate him again and then clean up the porch and wash the shoes. Sunday was really a very tiring and double cleaning day for me....By the time I am done, it was night time already.

Shushu spend the remaining day fasting and confined. Big sis also feel sorry for him. He keep swallowing and sometimes try to cough. Fearing that there is still blockage in him, I took him to the vet on Monday for checkup. The vet said his throat is slightly injured when he swallowed the carpet threads and give him some medication to relieve the discomfort. The vet also said to give him soft food for about 3 days and let him drink a spoonful of honey or "pei pah kou" to lubricate his throat.

The good news of this is that shushu is really on his way to recovery from his pneumonia as he is begining to turn back into a devil.

devil shu

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