Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Recovering - hopefully

Shushu finished his series of injections on Saturday evening.
The vet said to continue giving shushu antibiotics pills and monitor his progress closely.

On Monday evening, as some of the antibiotics had finished, I took shushu back for another checkup. I was hoping for a good news. However, the vet did some checks on shushu and noticed he is still dripping greenish mucus at his nose. This indicate that the infection is still there. Hence, shushu got another 5 days of medication with one added antibiotic. His next appointment with the vet is this coming Saturday.

The vet said that pneumonia is a serious disease and the recovery will take quite some time.

Healthwise, shushu is looking more alert than the past week. However, he still get tired easily (after 10 minutes) and will lay down and rest. He has constant runny nose and drips mucus all over the floor so i wipe the floor constantly. He still breathe noisily, especially while sleeping.

He still cannot / wouldn't eat his kibbles, treats or any can food at the moment. To help him regain his energy, I cook chicken meat and mince vegetables for him everyday. He can only eat them at small portions so I feed him 4 times daily now. I also give him some goat milk to boost up his immune system.

Here are some pictures of shushu during this period of time:

Last tuesday evening when first reach home after hospitalisation:
I miss my pillow & toys ......

both of his front paw fur got shave due to IV

Shushu gets tired easily and sleep most of the time

Shushu has runny nose so he has a hanky or towel with him most of the time

Saturday night "sticking" to brother - shushu is very "manja" (my brother came back from KL to visit shushu after hearing he was sick)

see how thin shushu is now after being sick

Please get well soon shushu....

Update on 3/8/07:

Just after I post for shushu hopeful recovery, Shushu had another relapse again on Thurday morning (2/8). He has high fever, 40.9'C and doesn't eat anything anymore.

His vet office was closed on every thursday but fortunately, i managed to contact his vet and he agreed to open the clinic in the evening to have a look at him. He did some test on shushu mucus and feaces to check for any clue but unfortunately, nothing can be found.
Shushu is now on another antibiotics and is scheduled for an x-ray and a culture test today. If they cannot get anything, most probably a blood test will be scheduled later.

I have decided not to post anymore on this blog at the moment. This blog will be put on hiatus temporary until shushu recovers, which I hope again is very much sooner.

A worried shushu's owner,


Prince said...

Hope You will recover soon.

So lovely la.. can sleep at bed... does you shed? or drop alot fur? My pappy not allow me to go in house because I will drop alot fur and my pappy's sister will scold me :(

shushu said...

Thank you!

I shed a lot too, haha. That's why my master has to sweep and mop the floor every 2 days. If not, there will be dust bunnies flying around the house. I like to chase and play with the dust bunnies though.
My master combs my fur everyday to reduce the fur dropping.

There was once my master put me outside the porch for a while, but I made so much noise and keep scratching the door until my master lets me in again. Perhaps you want to try this method (wink!)

Prince said...

Hahaha, I tried before... To scratching the door until the door broken. But problem with my pappy's sister, If my pappy stay alone, I would able to sleep with him :( sad however I am happy enough with my bigger compound :)