Sunday, 16 September 2007

KKB outing and Samseng Shu

Last Saturday, we brought shushu to Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) for a swim. The outing was organised by Lowyat Net's Pet Wonderland forummers. We started the journey from Ipoh at 7am and reach Batu Caves about 9.40am. Shushu was very excited throughout the journey.

How come so long one? Are you all sure you are going on a correct direction? (shushu kepo-ing)

I am going swimming lor! Yay, so happy can smile until eyes also cannot see liao

hmmmm, I better double check and make sure my master brings all my gear!

When we reach Batu Caves, the group has already left! ooops.....Luckily Celine's mom and dad turn back and guide us the way so we were the last to reach the picnic spot.

This the the gathering at Batu Caves that we missed - look very festive!(pictures from hamster9)

The first person we saw were Prince and Prince's pappy! Prince is very handsome but looks a bit thin lor! Prince pappy didn't give enough for Prince to eat kah? jk (><) Prince is very "guai"(obedient) and friendly to everyone.

This is the first time shushu went swimming. He just followed the other doggies and jump into the river! After a little while, he started swimming happily in the river. We were glad to see him taking to the water so easily.

However, shushu was very naughty! After swimming a while, he started barking at the nearby dogs while swimming near them. He even chased the other doggies and barked at them while swimming! I think he really annoyed quite a number of doggies there. We really have a tough time keeping him in control! I was quite angry at him. He is so naughty he should changed his name to Samseng Shu next time!

p/s: We didn't take any pictures during the outing, so we were waiting for the others to upload their pictures first! Here are some photos taken from others (hope they don't mind me using it!)

Samseng Shu bullying Queen until she has to hide behind her owner.

Saw this picture in Prince's blog, don't know if this is shushu or not!

After struggling with him for quite some time and realised that he would not stop his annoying barking, we decided to call it a day and when home at about 1 something pm. The sky has turn gloomy on our way back and it started to rain heavily.

Samseng Shu was quite tired (after all the swimming and barking nonstop) so he dozed off during the journey home. He didn't even uttered a sound the whole journey back, even when I was away in a nearby petrol station to change my wet clothings.

I really hope if we do bring him to other outing next time, his samseng-ness don't appear again, or more outing for him until he learns some manners! I also want to say it is nice meeting so many people and furkids at the outing and very sorry we could not chat much.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

how i wish my dog can sleep in d car like ur shusu...

pacco stand n kepoh here n there throughout the whole journey....go n back!! (owner wan faint)

next time u should snap more pictures...

shushu said...

I don't have a camera to snap pictures - haven't buy one yet.
Currently using HP camera only :P

Prince said...

Great and nice trips with you. Why u keep barking on me? Did I handsome than u? hahaha or thinner than u? :p