Friday, 7 September 2007

Stop the dog catching competition

Recently, Majlis Perbandaran Selayang organised a dog catching competition with lucrative rewards to curb the strays population in the area. An article on the competition is available in Malay Mail as follows:
Firstly, making a dog catching a "public and fun" competition is cruel. Do we want to educate our young ones that dog catching activities is a rewarding and fun activities?

The offering of lucrative rewards will only encourage greedy people who will resort to all sort of methods just to fulfill the quota (minimun catch of 150 dogs / half year). This might increase the dognapping and break-in cases, not just in Selayang area but other nearby areas as well when people get desperate.

Besides that, asking general public who are untrained / inexperience in catching strays will only end up endangering both the man as well as the animal. Cornered animals can be dangerous. Fustrated catchers may also just harm and abuse the animals. (terms and condition does state for the dog to be alive, but dogs will brokens legs and bleeding injuries is also consider alive, doesn't it?)

MPS also stated in the terms and condition that they will not be responsible for any damage cause to public and property due to the competition.

As such, please help out by signing an online petition as follows:
P/s: Please sign with your real name and valid email to ensure the petition stays valid yah. Thank you!!!

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