Monday, 29 October 2007

happy howl-a-ween

Hi, this is shushu.

I am trying to zap my master with my beautiful eyes so she will give me more treats for howl-a-ween. See how pitiful I look:

what?? not pititful enough....hmmm,let me add the droopy ears in as well:

Master said no eyes see me, so she try to block my beautiful gaze with a....bone??

master: sorry ar, no $$ like prince pappy to buy you a sunny so a bone will have to do


Master, then can I have a nice costume like Amber-Mae to wear for howl-a-ween?

No, use the bone and do an impression of minnie mouse for your halloween costume


cheapskate master....happy howl-a-ween!!!

p/s: what is momo doing???

she is trying to stuff her pillow inside her house so she can hide there comfortably for howl-a-ween...


Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi Shushu, thanks for dropping by my bloggy...I like your name too, so cute and you have a hammy too hah. Do you know Huskee boy from Singapore?? He has a lil hammie look like Momo and the hammie name Moosie...hehhe.

By the way, can I link you to my site??

Amber-Mae said...

Shu Shu, no costume for you on Halloween day? That's not fair...I hope that bone was tasty.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

shushu said...

Hi ben,

Thanks for dropping in my blog.
Didn't know Momo has a twin...kekeke, going to visit Huskee boy blog later. Thanks for recommending.
Sure, you can link to your site. I will add your blog to mine too.

Hi amber-mae, costume. My master said i look clownish need to wear costume also can...hehe. The bone is tasty though...milky bone, yum yum! I don't mind doing another minnie mouse inpersonation to get one more...:p

Prince said...

Congratulation mastered balancing treat.

haha sunglasses is gift from pacco ... thanks to pacco. My pappy also didnt do any costume for me, maybe i try call my pappy do the white color costume like the retriver in my blog.

Just cut 3 hole and will do, hope my pappy have time to go buy :)