Monday, 29 October 2007

new carpet for shushu

After the previous incident with the carpet, we decided not to get another carpet again. However, recently shushu elbow turn worse - the fur around it all fell off and the skin is red and sometimes bruises appear. Without the carpet to support his elbow, shushu will hurt his elbow if he do siew chu pose on the floor - and he loves doing the siew chu pose.

After much consideration, we decided to give the carpet another try. So last weekend, sis and I went to JJ and bought a cheap silk carpet for shushu.

See how happy is shushu:

testing on the carpet with his bone:

ahhh, so comfortable - can even lay flat on my face while biting my kong:

He looks happy and pleased with the carpet, but we are all wondering how long this carpet will last???


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, what happened to the previous one Shu Shu? By the way, my hoomans have a secret to cure that bald patches like the elbows & everywhere else that has missing hair. Chloe has a bald patch on her head coz the vet had to shave her hair when she had some pus there & it didn't grow back after two months. But recently, my hooman Mrubbed pure aloe vera plant (not gel) on the bald patch & after two days, hair was growing back. It must be applied everyday in order for it to grow back...Ask your hoomans to try this on your elbow & see what happens.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

shushu said...

Shushu chew part of the carpet, pull out the strings and ate most of it. That causes him to vomit and diarhea for 2 days, besides injuring his throat for a week.

Thanks for the aloe vera tips! We will give it a try....kekeke, now to go and hunt for the plant!