Friday, 9 November 2007

The house just got a bit merrier

Hi! This is shushu again....

Yesterday my master and miss sister went away in master car in the morning and only come back late at night. Hmmph! Where did they go and they leave me home alone during deepavali!

Well, when they did come back, somebody follow them home.
See the picture below!

Who is this little fella? Did he got lost and come home with my master?
Then my master explained to me that he is to be my new little brother. Wooohooo, I was very happy and gave him my famous welcome - "The shushu nonstop barking!" Well, unfortunately, the welcome was too energetic and he got a little bit scared.

Master didn't let me go near him as he is still recovering from some infection and she doesn't want it to spread to me also. Little brother is to be quarantine until he recovers first. I can only look at him from afar - i keep inviting him to play with me but then master scolded me again coz I was being very noisy......

Master said little brother need some rest as he was very tired travelling all the way from KL. master said he was very quiet the whole journey home and didn't puke or whine. He just lay on master lap and sleep like this.....

He look so blur in the morning

Oh ya, my little brother has no name yet. My master is still deciding coz she said she wanted to pick the name more carefully so he doesn't end up with a girly name like me (sweat! hey you are the one who give me that name...hmmmph) Miss sister suggested we named him Milo since we have Milk / susu (ahem - shushu) at home already. What do you all think? Give me your suggestions! My master will decide the name on Sunday!


Chibi Tenko said...

Hi Won. Like I've said, the puppy's uber cute. Wahahaha.

Anyway, a word of advice frm someone who had been through doggy jealousy before. If you're playing with the pup, make sure u include Shushu as well and make sure u always pat him and fuss over him first whenever the pup's together with you guys.

Last time Abby jealous like mad when we fuss over Chelsea. Same like Cisco when BuckBuck came home - so much so that Cisco 'lau kai' and refuse to eat everytime if someone fuss over BuckBuck first before him.

lol. Anyway, don't bully Shushu baby! Else I go Ipoh dognap him. lol

Amber-Mae said...

Ohhh, new brudder? Soooo cute! He's a King Charles Spaniel right? Well, Milo is a very common name. Almost everydog in the world has that name like mine, Amber. Since he's a KCS, why not name him Charlie King? I think it's a much suitable name for him. Milo can be a girl's name too ya know? Actually many girls nowadays are also named Charlie. What about Charles King? That's a much macho name...I don't know lah, up to you. Hope you'll find a really nice name for him.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

King King said...

WOW... congrats on the new member! he look so cute!!

TH said...

Hi Shushu!
Your new brother is so cute! And you are handsome!


shushu said...

Hi Amber,

Charlie is a nice name. Thanks for the suggestion. He is a CKCS btw.

We still have not decided the name yet at the moment...kekeke