Sunday, 11 November 2007

momo is sick!

On thursday night my master discover something funny with momo, her head is tilted to the right side. My master was a little alarm but she thought maybe momo sprained her neck while sleeping and it will be alright soon.

Friday the whole day master and miss sister went to fetch the my little brother so no time to check on momo. However by Saturday, momo's head is still tilting and my master was very alarm now. She asked around and was informed that momo probably got some ear infection and may need vet consultation. She called my vet but he said he doesn't treat hamster. My master was disappointed and asked whether he knows any vet that does so in Ipoh. Unfortunately, he had no idea. She called another vet and that vet also said they don't treat hamster as well. My master was very sad. Because momo's head tilted, she was walking funny and sometimes lost her balance. Master miss momo standing on the home/salon antic, momo can't does it currently as she tends to lose her balance when standing.
momo walks funny now
hope momo gets well soon!!!
Brought momo to shushu's vet yesterday. The vet did a body check on momo and noted momo has injured a nerve at her neck. He said it is quite serious and he is not sure whether momo will get better but gave some medication to help her condition. Poor momo!

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TH said...

Hi Shushu! I hope Momo gets better soon!