Monday, 10 December 2007

ISPCA food and fun fair event - 3/12/2007

Last weekend, we brought shushu to the ISPCA food and fun fair event. The event supposed to start at 9.30am but we arrive earlier, around 9am. There were already lots of people there. We can see a lot of doggies and the owners walking around.

The event started with a introduction of various breed of dogs by the MKA. The owners sportingly parade their dogs around the field while the crowds look on.

We spotted 2 borzoi there. (First time seeing them, very graceful and elegant creatures)

Another angle

The friendly mastiff

wow, the chihuahuas gang!

Most of the chihuahuas come with costume to participate in the dog fashion show event later. Some close-up of the chihuahua- this one look sleepy

bee costume chihuahua

Shushu went to the event with his trusty backpack.

Some of the children and adults patting shushu

There was also a children colouring competition with the subject "me and my pet". Some artist were also kind enough to donate some paintings of dogs to raise fund for the charity. The dog paintings for sale were placed at the stairs in the picture below

During the event, ISCPA also brought some puppies for adoption drive and those who adopted the puppies will also get free training from MKA. We saw the puppies - they were fat and cute. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to take any photos. :(

After that, there were some demo by the MKA obedience team, starting from beginnner to intermediate level. Luckily shushu did ok in the demo (I brought some "char siu" (sweeten pork) just in case to tempt him into obedience!)

We didn't stay until the pet fashion show as shushu was fussing so we left early. Overall, it was a good event and it was fun to bring the furkids out for a family outing, especially it is being held in Ipoh. We hope there will be more pets event in Ipoh and we could participate again next year.

Happy shushu saying goodbye!

Update: 13/12/2007
The event was featured in The Star Metro North yesterday. :)

P/s: I would like to thank King king for giving me the "be the blog" award:

Wow, this is the first time I receive an award and such a nice award too. I am very very happy about it. Thanks again king king for passing it to me!
I would like to pass on the award to Thor , Ben Ben, Prince & Abby. I really enjoy reading your blogs and hope you like the award!


Ben_Benjamin said...

Congrat Shu shu and TQTQTQTQTQ for giving me the award!!!

TH said...

Congratulations for the good performance in demonstration OB MKA and for Award! I love your blog too!
Thanks so much for Award! I am very honored!

Love and licks

ROSSI said...

Oh wow!.. Shu shu.. u get to go out to an event!.. is fun isn't it!..

and congrat on the award..


Amber-Mae said...

Awww, we missed that event becoz it was too far away. Bet you did well during the OB demo. Wish we were there to have fun but oh well, maybe next time. Congrats on your award!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

ChaCha & Yuki said...

hey shushu! first time dropping by ur blog, the event looks fun! You and kero look cute together! of course momo is cute too;)