Sunday, 2 December 2007

A little update on Momo

Here is a recent video of momo:

Her head is still slanted (senget) but otherwise she is still active. The vet said her slanted head might be permenant since she didn't recover in 7 days (the nerve dies in 7 days). However, we still haven't give up hope yet. Currently, we have remove her wheels temporarily to see whether it will help in her recovery or not. I am letting her run in my room daily to replace the wheel exercise. Besides that. we also got her some organic powder to boost her health up. Hopefully it helps!

As seen in the video, momo is a bit camera shy. As soon as i take out my camera, she will hide in her house......she does peek out from her house time to time and only comes out when i take away the camera.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh yeah, her head senget wor...Hmm, I wonder what caused it to be like that. I hope it's not hurting her but she seems to be okay.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

TH said...

As momo, I also run away from the camera. I hope head´s Momo gets better soon!

Love and licks

Momo & Pinot said...

Please don't give up Momo's health! :) She'll be fine.. she has be fine. She seems ok in the video and looks very cute. :)

It's nice to be a witness how Kero is growing up with Shushu! You guys seem to have a great time together! I like shushu's scary face... hehehe...

Momo xoxo

shushu said...

Thank you for all your concern. :)
Don't worry, we won't give up momo as she is one of our precious baby. We are just trying our best to make sure she is well and happy - we will keep trying and hopefully one day, she will get better.

-won(shushu, momo & kero's owner)

HoOVeRbElL said...

I'm sorry to hear this... I also wonder what cause momo's head to be like this... hmmm...

If momo is my hamster, i will surely cry everytime i see momo like this as i'm not sure if it hurts or not... :(

Be strong ya!! Pray that momo will be fine.

won said...

Hi hooverbell,

According to the vet, momo must have fell and hit her neck (where her nerve is). Her right eye is a bit dislocated (can see some white). I am still wondering how she could fell and hit herself, as her tank is only one layer and there is nothing high enough for her to climb and cause such an impact. We have remove her wheel temporarily (sometimes her head get hit by the wheel when she runs and she runs a lot too!) to see whether there is any improvement or not.
We were very sad initially when it happens. However, momo is a tough girl and she has adapted well to her situation now. :) We just hope one day, she can stand straight again (without the slanting head):P

Abby the Dogzilla said...

Hi hi Won,

How's Momo doing now?