Friday, 18 January 2008

Abandoned GR

My owner bought me to our vet today, coz my swelling at my paw there doesn't get any better one week after the injury, and she is feeling a bit paraniod about it. The good news is the vet take a look at my paw, told my owner "small matter, the swelling is caused by some pus buildup, similar to a "pimple" (=_=") thingy". He then squeeze the pus out, clean the wound and pronounce me fit and the wound should clear in a few days time. Yay!

While we were there, I heard the vet asked my owner "would you consider getting another furkid? I have a very nice 2 years old neutered male GR for adoption here." Eeeh? Hey! I thought we already got a "kero" as my plaything mate, why would I need another one?

Anyway, irregardless of my barking protest at the reception counter there, miss owner went in and take a look at the GR. Per miss owner, he was a handsome fella, with big head and soulful eyes. He even squeeze his nose against the grille to get closer to my owner (how dare he!) and uses the "sad and soulful eyes technique" to tempt my owner when she leaves....Hmmmph!

The vet told miss owner that the poor GR have been abandoned by his owner when they heard that he needed surgery. Actually, the GR testicle got injured and swelled very badly and neutering was the only option to save his life. However, the owners just abandon the dog at the clinic when they heard the diagnosis. The vet was very kind to keep him and perform the surgery foc.The GR is on his recovery now! The vet said once the GR heal, he will be looking for a dog lover and a good responsible owner to take good care of him.

I know miss owner is very tempted to adopt the GR. I heard her asking miss sister the question. But owner already have an agreement with miss sister to keep max 2 dogs in the house, and that's kero and me. Miss sister reply that she will kick all of us out if owner dare to bring another dog in. Well, I appreciate miss sister help to prevent the GR from stepping into the house, but does she has to include kicking kero and me out as well? Just kick the owner out will be fine! Hmmph!


Owner: I am helping the vet to look for a potential good owner for the abandoned GR. I will try to snap a picture of the GR and post it soon!

Update 21/1/08
Our GR friend has found a new owner!! Our owner went to visit him yesterday and the vet informed her that someone has agreed to adopt him already. :) He will go home with his new owner end of this week after the vet take out his stitches! We wish him all the best and hope he be happy in his new home.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

i hope u won't have yet another playmate...or else, u will be out of energy sooner or later...

i hope that handsome fella will found a loving home for himself..

King King said...

gosh... abandon gr just becos it needed a surgery? that's cruel!

Amber-Mae said...

I hope your paw paw will be healed soon. Poor GR...I hope he will be adopted by a good owner soon.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Thor said...

I hope that the GR has recovery soon and finds a good owner!

Prince said...

Good to hear that the GR had a good owner.

shushu, momo & kero said...

Yah, thanks for everyone concern. My owner visited the vet yesterday and got the good news that a dog lover has agreed to adopt him! :)

Jan said...

How nice an abandoned dog has found a new home. You were jealous, thinking you might have competition, weren't you?

jans funny farm

MoMo said...

Some people are so cruel to their animals - abandoning the poor thing when he is ill! Glad to hear GR has found a forever home though.

The Packers LOST in overtime! How terrible! The gang is just very upset and sniffling. What an absolute bummer!

Amber said...

That's so terrible! What an irresponsible owner. I'm just glad that GR has a new owner now. Wish him a much happier life with his new owner. I'm glad to hear your paw paw is fine too!

Amber :)

Momo & Pinot said...

Our hearts stopped when we read 'abandoned GR'. We're SO relieved that this doggie found a good home. :)

Momo & Pinot