Thursday, 31 January 2008

Hello, Momo the hammy is here again.

Shushu is taking a break due to his injury and Kero is somewhere sulking, so I thought i will pop by to say hello. As you know, this chinese new year is the year of rat and my owner said I should be happy coz I am a part of the rodent family so this year will be my year. Yay!! even our blog has pictures of hammies with the CNY greeting on the top. This has made me very pleased.

However, one thing i am not pleased about is that my silly owner has this crazy idea to take a photoshoot of me with some CNY stuff to make it more festive....

This is what happened:

I got so mad I keep running around her room to cool off.

Well, this is what my owner has come up with from the short short photoshoot. Hope you all like it!

p/s: Did i mention that Kero was sulking somewhere?

Tell you all a secret, Kero is unhappy with our owner coz she yet to get him a CNY year costume, kekeke! Hope we will have more to update on CNY later!
See ya!



Pacco de Mongrel said...

kero still haven't got herself new clothes? no wonder she's sulking...poor thing...

momo...this is your YEAR... make good use of it..

Amber-Mae said...

Momo, great photoshoot! Hey, your head seems to be alright already...I hope your mommy will buy something for Kero before CNY.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Momo, thats a great card. You are one super modal.

I hope Shushu will getting better soon and Kero....make Kero happier.

Thor said...

Hi Momo!
Thanks! Happy Chinese New Year 2008 to you! Great photoshoot! That´s a beautiful card!
I hope Shushu is better now!!

Love and licks

Amber said...

Hey momo, your so cute! That's a pwsome photoshoot! I hope Kero will get his cny costume soon. cny is just 2more days!!

Amber :)

Jan said...

Wow, all that work for one shot. But it's a very nice shot. You are a great model.

jans funny farm

prince said...

This year is momo year ... Year of RAT ! gong xi gong xi