Monday, 28 January 2008

I am feeling better....

Hello. This is shushu here.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and concern. Today my owner brought me to the vet to take off the plaster on my ear and to check the condition of the wound. My owner has to hold me very tightly for the vet to take off the plaster because I got too excited seeing my vet, I keep jumping at him and refused to let him touch my ear.

Want to see the scar of my "battle" with the stray dog?
owner (scowling): what battle? more like the dog attack while you still happily jump at him.

here is the close-up of the ear after the plaster is taken off

here is the view of the inner ear. Notice the scar actually went in quite deep and the bleeding is still fresh.

p/s: those brown stuff are my dried blood. My owner wanted to clean it but it was paintful to me so she decided to leave it first until the wound has completely dried up.

It was painful I tell you. I am sorry for running out of the gate and for jumping at the dog. Really, I am sorry. See how sorry I look?

Owner (cycnical): Yeah, right......

Actually, shushu is really feeling much better. The vet examined his wound and confirmed that it is healing. There is a slight swelling but the vet said not a big deal. Shushu stitches can be removed on this saturday / sunday, which is a good news :). This is actually what the current shushu look like now...

Except for the patch of missing fur at the ear and the injury, he is still the same barky and happy go lucky shushu. Once again, thanks everyone for their concern.

p/s: We met with the abandoned GR today at the clinic. He is going home with his new owner today when we arrived at the clinic. He look really happy and healthly. I didn't manage to chat with the new owner or to say goodbye to the GR though, coz I was busy restraining shushu in case he decided to jump on other dogs at the clinic.


Thor said...

Hi Shushu!
I´m so glad to hear you´re better now! You look very well in the last pic!
Good to know that the GR is ok and found a new owner!
Love and licks

Amber-Mae said...

ShuShu, your ear is looking much much better. Glad to hear that the stitches can be taken out this Sunday but bare in mind, it's gonna hurt quite a bit when removing it. Just take a deep breath or chew your mommy's arm & everything will be fine.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Amber said...

Hey Shushu, sorry to hear about your injuries. It look really bad, I am really glad that you almost fully recover and see your happy smiley face.

Amber :)

Pacco de Mongrel said...

glad to see that ur wound is healing...

btw... i got the exact same rope toy as yours...but i hardly play wit it though..

King King said...

Glad to hear that you are healing!! Just nice to celebrate chinese new year

Jan said...

We're so glad to see you're doing better, Shushu. But what a painful place to be bitten. We don't blame you for not wanting anyone to touch it. We hope it heals soon.

Your sorry look appears more sincere than Buddy's in our post, "I Was Bad." Maybe you could teach Buddy how to look more sincere.

jans funny farm

Jan said...


Thanks for coming by and asking about linking to us. We would be honored. One of these days we're going to get our links caught up. We are so far behind.

jans funny farm

ROSSI said...

oh ShuShu... am glad to see ur wound is getting better now.. u will be very very handsome in no time!.. Happy Chinese New Year to you..

Oh yes.. i received your package.. i love i love.. and i love all the stuff u gave me.. i love you!!!...
Thank you pal!!..