Friday, 25 January 2008

Shushu is bitten by stray!!!

Yesterday after his morning walk around 7.45am, I accidentally open the autogate and shushu ran out. Before we manage to catch up with him, he saw a nearby stray dog and ran up to play with him. The stray seeing a big dog approaching, got defensive and attack shushu. Shushu's left ear got bitten badly and torn. He was bleeding badly by the time we reach home. There was blood all over him and he keep shaking his ears and more blood splatter over the floor, window and wall.

We manage to stop the bleeding around 8.30am and call his vet. I brought him over to his vet at 10am. The vet start checking on his wound but the moment he touch his ear, shushu yelp very loudly. He keep using his mouth to move the vet hand away from his ears and refuse to let him touch. The vet has no choice but to give him anesthetic to calm him down and make him sleep so he can have a better look at the wound.

shushu after anesthetic. There was blood all over the place as the wound was bleeding and shushu keep shaking his ears

After shushu dozed off, the vet shaved off his left ear fur and we can see that part of shushu's ear has been torn. The vet also mentioned that one of shushu main blood vessel located at the ear was bitten open hence the nonstop bleeding. Poor thing, it must be very painful to him, yet he never uttered a sound after the dog bite him but can still wag his tail and smiled at us.

Close-up of the wound after the ear was shaved

The vet then proceed to clean shushu wound and then stitch it back up. He also gave shushu another injection to help the blood clotting as the wound keep bleeding even after it has been stitched up. I stayed at the clinic and waited for shushu to wake up. He woke up around 12.00 noon. He look very tired and moody but still followed me into the car. When we reach home, he couldn't come down from the car so I let him sleep a while inside the car with both door opened. Shushu finally got down from the car at 1pm. The vet said not to get him excited to ensure that the wound will not open and start bleeding. It is also the best to confine him so he can rest and recuperate. I let him sleep at a quiet corner of the house and barriered the area with playpen. I also cage Kero away so he wouldn't disturb his big brother since Kero likes to stay close to shushu and play bite bite with shushu ears.

I went back to work in the afternoon as I only manage to apply half day leave. When I come back from work, shushu already wake up fully and be his smilling self again.

A smiley shushu in the evening after being patch up by the vet

Close up of the patched up ear

He only got his dinner and water at 8pm as per the vet instruction. The vet mention not to give any food / water to him earlier as he may not have proper control of his muscle yet due to the effect of the anesthetic. This may cause him to choke on the food/water or worse the food/water travel to his lungs and cause complications there. After his meal and a toilet break, I put him back to his confinement area again to let him rest. Kero is now set free and he stay close to shushu.

Kero staying close to his big brother eventhough they can't play

After 4 days, I will bring shushu to his vet to remove the plaster at his ear and for checkup on his wound. The stitches will only be taken out 14 days later.

This incident happen because of my carelessness. It wasn't the stray dog fault as it is just being protective of itself. It wasn't shushu's fault for running out of the house as the gate was opened. The whole thing only happen in less than 15 minutes but the damage is indeed great. Seeing shushu like this make me very sad and regretful of my carelessness.
-won, shushu's owner.


ROSSI said...

Oh Shushu.. u nearly scared me to death when i first open ur blog and see ur pic laying down in blood.. scare me laa!!.. this is nobody fault cause accident may happen.. but you got to becareful next time..

not all doggies can be play with.. me too.. i see all doggies are the same.. i wanted to play with them... but some just dunno me.. hence, accident may happen..

but u are sure a strong boy.. and a happy boy.. that always remember to smile.. tell ur mom not to be sad.. and u will be alright..


Pacco de Mongrel said...

shushu...i hope you are alright now..the bite n wound looks nasty to me...i really couldn't imagine how painful it might be..

next time..u shld think carefully b4 approaching an unfriendly dog...n learn not to rush out the gate without ms owner permission...

take care...n get well soon...

Goofy said...

shushu... we were really shocked to get this news.. r u ok? I couldn't imagine if I were to attack by any other dogs since I'm way more smaller than u.

ooo... those blood scares me.

mom said, she will try to make some time to visit u. I'm not sure will she bring me along, but hope she will, coz i'm worry bout u too.

Thor said...

Oh Shushu, you was very hurt! That dog could not have bitten your ear in that way. I hope that you´ll get better soon!


Jan said...

Poor Shushu. We are sorry to see him hurt and bleeding. We hope his ear heals quickly.

It only takes a moment for something to happen. Jan keeps telling us we have to learn to behave so we don't end up getting hurt.

jans funny farm

Momo & Pinot said...

Oh ShuShu, we are so sorry to see your wound. Hope it will healed very qickly. It must hurt alot but we feel relief that it was not a life threating wound.

Please take a good rest. We're looking forward to seeing your pawfect smile next to Kero.

Momo & Pinot

MoMo said...

Oh, Shushu! My sissy Momo-dog told me about you and I rushed over right away. Glad that you are OK. Look after yourself and I will purr for you!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh OWWWW! That has got to hurt terribly & indeed it was. Poor ShuShu...Torn ear is definitely very painful! I'm glad the doctor managed to stitch his ear back & I'm sure it will heal back quite fast if he doesn't scratch it. Won, please don't blame yourself too much. It was a mistake. Mistakes happen & Chloe almost got run over by a car once when mommy forgot to leash her at the vet's. The vet's place has got no door. It's open...She just missed by an inch. We're glad that she was safe. It also was not ShuShu or the stray dog's fault but that wound is really nasty! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Keep us updated.

Love licks,
Slid Gold Dancer

King King said...

OoOOoooMMmmmmGggGGggg!!! Shu shu are you all right????

gosh i got a big shock see u lying there with the bleeding ear. All those blood stain on the floor?? Poor thing... u are such a brave boy to remain so calm.. hope u are feeling better already... and ask ur mummy not to be sad... i am sure it is just an accident and she doesnt mean it to happen..

Be careful next time k.. always wait for mummy before going out and that what i do now too aft my stray attack..