Friday, 22 February 2008

Chinese New Year celebration

Hello, this is shushu. Our owner is feeling much better now so she help me to update our blog a bit. I am going to tell you all a little bit of my CNY celebraton.

For reunion dinner on Wednesday, I was very sad as I got left at home while our owner brought kero back to her hometown. Though she cooked me a very delicious dinner and gave me a big bone to chew before she left, I still feel very sad. I heard that there was a lot of food for reunion dinner (3 tables long) and I wasn't there.

The food served on reunion dinner

Well, if i was there, I would have beg everyone and I am sure I will get lots of tidbit of the delicious food there. The only consolation I had is that I heard Kero was caged inside the crate during the dinner. He didn't get to taste those food also.

Kero watching from his crate while everyone dig in

(owner: Kero was very shy when we were at the hometown. Even though I left the travelling crate door wide open, he refused to come out and will only peek from his crate. I think he was a little overwhelmed with the people - i have a huge family there!)

However, I got to visit the hometown for the 1st day of CNY. Yay!
Our owner and miss sister came back from hometown early in the morning to fetch me. We reached the hometown again late morning. There were really a lot of people around so our owner set up a playpen for us and dressed us nicely in CNY costume. Everyone came and look at us. I was very happy with all the attention, while kero is still shy and he keep sticking close to me. Grandma came and gave us a angpow!

By afternoon, the weather was really hot - even with a portable fan blowing at us, we feel so lazy and tired.

Kero even took a long nap. I couldn't take any nap at all coz everytime i wanted to close my eyes, the little cousins will come and look at me. Do they want to play with me? but everytime I invite them (bark!) they will run away again. Hmmmmmm.............. Miss owner said my big size and loud bark scared them away. She then took off our costume coz it was very hot and gave us some ice to cool us down. That was nice!

In the evening, we had a BBQ dinner. I can smell wonderful smell from outside and got very excited.

Miss owner (and the small cousins) gave me lots of sausages to eat - it was very delicious. Some of the cousins were now braver and they even climb inside the playpen to play with me.

I was very happy.

Kero, however, was deemed cute and he was passed from one relative to another who was taking turn to hug him. He doesn't look very pleased though, hehe....

After the BBQ, we travelled back to Ipoh. We all sleep like baby when back. It was very tiring but fun.


King King said...

Great to have you back shu shu and kero! i am sure both of you have lotsa fun. And oh man.. look at the big long table full of delicious food! i wasnt allow any of the hoomans food at all.

Amber-Mae said...

Hi Shushu & Kero! You guys have been gone for a looong time. Wow, yummy foooood! Too bad you guys didn't get any. Aiyoh, Kero's crate sooo small & tight! I hope he was not kept in there for too long. Hope you had an enjoyable time! We had a late CNY Dog pawty too yesterday. Come check it out at my bloggie!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie said...

the food looks deliciousssssssss
can you share2 with us? hehehehehe

MoMo said...

I know it's a little late, but Happy CNY. You all look very festive in your red jackets. So much yummy food. There were celebrations in Chinatown in the city but since we don't live close to it we hardly notice any difference.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

that's the problem of having a sibling....owner will neglect one of us...

Jan said...

We're glad your owner is doing better. It looks like you all had a nice time, despite the heat and crowd of family.

Jan's Funny Farm

Amber said...

Hey Shushu, Kero and momo! great to see you all again! how nice that you all are able to celebrate with the family! what a feast!!

Amber :)

MoMo said...

Did you guys get any of that yummy food?

Thor said...

Hi Shushu, Kero and Momo!
Glad you´re back! Looks like you had lots of fun at CNY celebration!