Tuesday, 26 February 2008


After CNY, miss owner found:

1) shushu's cny shirt full of holes

(Kero pulled out shushu cny shirt from a paper bag upstair and carry downstair for shushu to chew)


2) main door floormat - strings pull out

3) another floormat with a hole in the middle

the destroyers:

Hmmmm.... but they don't look guilty at all, don't them?


Ben_Benjamin said...

wahahhaha, you two are super!!! Thats what we need to do...always...HOoohohooho

But the best part is Kero pull out the shirt to ShuShu to chew!!!!

Jan said...

Hehehe. They have you fooled, don't they? The plan is to look innocent and they do that very well.

jans funny farm

Goofy said...

trying to look innocent after having something evil done is the best thing a dog could do!! same goes to u and me, shushu!! ahahaha

King King said...

lol.. kero is so cool to bring things for shushu to chew... lol

Maggie said...

I did that too!!!!!!!!!!!
and guess what..i never dared to see straight to mommy's eyes after i did that.. hahahaha

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i thinik ur guys are juz attempting to do some decorations...

MoMo said...

Why should they? That's what dogs do!

Hey, come over and help me celebrate SS's birthday today!

Jan said...

Hey, Jan was just about to shut down the computer for the night and your message arrived. Thank you for your birthday wishes.

Jan's Funny Farm

Thor said...

Hehehe Kero pulled out t-shirt to Shushu to chew is great!


Momo & Pinot said...

Wow, Kero! You are growing really fast!! :)

Momo & Pinot