Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Busy month for owner

Our owner is very busy with her work recently.
She has not much time to help us to update our blog as well as to visit our friends website. In fact, we feel quite neglected at home now.

Shushu: She doesn't even have time to take me out for my daily walk.
I have to vent my frustration by destroying 2 more floormat in the house (including the recent new one).

Owner: yah, our house is floormat -less now except the one in the kitchen thanks to shushu. He has taken a liking to bitting them but i have not much time to correct this yet.

Kero: Since owner has no time to guard me, i started peeing and pooing in the kitchen n living room again.

Kero's housetraining drop back to 50%. He has grown a bit now though. His fur is slightly longer now and he is not so skinny as before. (probably from heavy begging of treats from grandma who is visiting recently)

Momo: (blur) I am still ok! I like to shift my new wheel around though.

Owner: Hopefully after this month, my work schedule will get better and I will have more time to update the blog again.


MoMo said...

Just coming by to see how you guys are going.

Amber said...

Hey Shushu and Kero, hope your mom have more time for you two soon..

Amber :)

Thor said...

Shushu, Kero and Momo,
Nice to meet you!
I also hope your mom have more time for you!
Have a nice weekend!


MoMo said...

Thanks for coming by and seeing me. I am better now but the vet says that I haven't quite recovered yet because the tests are still abnormal. That means more tests next week. *sigh*

Maggie said...

ask ur mom not to worry so much coz i believe that you guys are greattttt !!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, I haven't been visiting you guys for sooo long! How are things? I hope your mom will be able to send a little bit more time with you guys soon. Mommy's busy with work too but luckily she's only working part time & then still has time for us.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer