Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Kero's first visit to the groomer

Last Sunday, I decided to bring shushu and Kero to the groomer. This will be Kero first visit to the groomer while it is be shushu's 4th visit.

Before going to the groomer, I took kero to shushu's training class for some socialisation. There, he was quite curious of other doggies but when other human approach him, he tend to shy away from human. He keep looking for shushu and me while we were doing our training. He was very quiet but curious throughout the class, only near the end of the class, Kero become bored and started barking for attention.

After the training class, it was time for the grooming session. I brought both of them to a new groomer called Pet Image for grooming. There was 2 poodle there first so we had a wait a while for our turn. Both Kero and shushu were quite happy to explore the new place, running here and there. The groomer was a friendly person and she gave them some water and a squeeky toy to play with and they happily obliged.

Finally, it is Kero turn but when the groomer wants to bring kero to the grooming table, he quickly hide in his carrier and refused to come out at all. The groomer has to pull him out from his carrier..... Kero look very scared when he was on the grooming table. Throughout his session, he didn't dare to move but keep his gaze on me. Awww, poor thing!

Shushu, on the other hand, was happily greeting everyone and even tried to jump on the groomer. When Kero went into the grooming room, shushu also wanted to go in and he keep jumping at the glass window to look at kero. I have no choice but to leash him back and keep him at my side as I am afraid that he will break the glass window.

After a while, it was shushu's turn and he ran happily into the room. However, he was so energetic inside, it take just 1 groomer to keep him still while the another one to trim his fur. Throughout the grooming session I can hear shushu barking while the groomer told him no. Naughty fella!

Finally, both of them are done. They feel so soft and smell so nice!

When we reach home, both of them was so tired they just plopped down and sleep.

spot the dog....

tired kero just refused to come out but straight away zzzzzzzz

tired but happy shushu

napping time!

p/s: I forgot to bring the camera out hence only took some picture of them when we are back!


BWTH Dog House said...

Oh Kero is just like Twinkle, scare the groomer too while Shu Shu and hippo same gang, jump here & there, cannot sit sitll, poor groomer.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hey kero, how's d place @ d saloon...

i've never been 2 a groomer all my life.... n will be so 4 d rest of my life too..

my selfish owner wanted to save all the money for herself onli... so sui.

Momo & Pinot said...

Kero!! You're growing really fast......... like me, Pinot! :)

Momo & Pinot

Amber said...

Hey Shushu and Kero, sounds pretty crazy in the groomers. Never been to groomers to cut my fur.. Your furs looks nice and soft :)


Thor said...

Shushu and Kero,
I never been to groomers to cut my fur too! You look beautiful!


prince said...

Shushu... the evil :)

Maggie said...

I did the same thing when i got back from the first time grooming session..
i even peed on the cashier table when i saw my daddy walking towards me..

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What different personalities Kero and Shushu have. Merci is the timid one here.

Jan saw Barkley again this evening and he plowed a furrow in her arm. He's just so excitable and happy. Like Shushu.

We sure hope the Ohio pit bull ban isn't passed!