Thursday, 5 June 2008

Finally an update!

Hi all! We are back after a month of absent.
Our owner was feeling super lazy to help us to update our blog, and we have almost exhausted all method to get her lazy butt moving - including daily stepping on her toes by shushu, while kero bounce like a spring on her......After much effort,she finally agreed to post a little update.

happy shushu

happy kero?

We are doing ok here, nothing much happening. :)
Well, last 2 weeks we are under ticks attack so our owner has barred us from our daily walk and confine us in the house most of the time. We were quite bored with nothing to do. Luckily miss sister was found a nice way to keep us exercised and entertained.

It's quite hard to see, but in the video she is throwing our kibbles one by one and we have to "hunt" them down to eat them. Isn't it fun?

However, the owner said I am a lazy bum and lack of stamina, coz halfway playing i got tired and plopped down next to the sofa while kero is still going at it energeticly.
(owner: yah! shushu big size only - lousy stamina, shushu: =_=")

After >1 week of quarantine and some frontline, we are now ticks free. Yay! Unfortunately, the weather take a turn for the worst and it starts raining heavily in the evening everyday and we couldn't do our daily walk again. What a bummer! We hope the weather will change soon so we can resume our daily walk again.

Our owner also took a video of kero in a moody mood after his weekly bath. He always does this after taking his bath and before he take a nap. Weird Kero!

That's all for this round! Hope the next update will be soon.
Now back to more toes stepping and bouncing practice....


KAY said...

Glad to see a update.
tick .... hope their all gone.

Almighty King King said...

lol... you know mummy also like to play "throw the kibbles" game with me but i just go to her and gobble up all the kibbles in her hand. lol.. and oh my.. kero sure look moody in the 2nd video, scratching his cushion and rolling all around it.. Anyway glad to have you back.. pls bounce more and step on those toes to get ur owner to update *Hiak Hiak* Maybe i can go that too when mummy feeling lazy

Thor said...

Glad to see you back! That game looks like too much fun! I hope the weather is better now and you can go for your walkies!
Kero don´t look happy after the bath!


BWTH Dog House said...

I like the photo, very beautiful.

slurpy licks,

Maggie said...

Yeah! A lot of ticks nowadays...!! mommy just bathed me with Bayticol..and all the ticks are gone! They are dead!!!!
and now we are tickfree!!!!!

Momo & Pinot said...

Hello ShuShu, Kero & Momo!!

How are you??? We love your smily photos but can't watch the video for some reasons. We'll be back shortly.

Have a good weekend!

Momo & Pinot