Wednesday, 22 April 2009

-Hibernation mode-

To our dear friends,

Thank you for visiting our blog and sorry for MIA for so long!

We are fine here. We just want to let everyone know that our owner has decided to stop updating this blog now.

However, we will still drop by from time to time with some updated pictures.
Here are some recent photos of Kero for today. The little baby has grown up quite a lot now.

Here's a wink from shushu!

Goodbye and take care everyone!


Momo and Pinot said...

Hello Shushu, Kero and Momo!!

We're glad that you guys are doing well. Mmmm... we have to say we'll miss you guys. It would be nice to see your update on regular basis but our mom says she understands your humans' busy schedule... Come by our blog when you guys feel like, ok??

Momo & Pinot

Amber-Mae said...

We haven't heard from you guys like forever! What happened? Anyway, glad to see you guys again. Kero is all grown up! And ShuShu, you're still looking handsome as ever.

Solid Gold Dancer

MademoiselleBlume said...


A new section has appeared on our blog: Baika's Blog, which is named after our little dog. It's called "what's new with the CKCs ?". An automatic list of the 10 most recent updates of a selection of CKC blogs from around the world. From now on in one glance all visitors can be kept informed of the news in the Cavalier King Charles world.

Any CKC blog owner can participate by giving us the link to their blog. Whenever there is a new posting the link to your blog will be shown in the list. We of course would appreciate if you could add a link to our blog in return.

CKC blogs of all languages are welcome. We'll add a mention next to each blog if it's in French (FR) German (DE) or in English (EN).

We hope this new tool will reveal itself as practical and interesting for you as it is for us.

See you soon!

MademoiselleBlume /