Friday, 27 July 2007

Pneumonia - 2nd update

On Monday, shushu was admitted into the clinic and placed under IV fluids.
On Tuesday evening, after 3 bottles of IV, the fever went down and shushu was discharged. The drop in the fever indicated that the antibiotic is working, which is a good sign.

However, shushu has a relapse as the fever returned with a vengence by Wednesday evening. He was rushed to the clinic again and was given an injection immediately to reduce the fever. The vet said the bacteria inflection was very strong as it has already developed an immunity to the current antibiotic prescribed. Shushu was given another antibiotic prescription. We also need to send him twice daily to the clinic for injections besides all the medication.

If the fever still persist, the vet will have to take the culture test and send it to a lab for analysis.

Currently, Shushu is still resting at home. His fever has lowered but not gone. He still has lots of mucus in the nose and breathes nosily. The good news is he has started eating again but with low appetite.

I still do not know how is shushu faring now? Will the fever return? I have brought a termometer and monitor his condition very closely. I will also bring him to the vet again later during lunch and evening for his injection. I hope I can get some good news from the vet.

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