Sunday, 2 September 2007

New Bag, Big bone and moody Sunday

Hi. Shushu here again.

Last monday, my master bought me a bag for me to carry my treats when I go out with master.
I am so happy with the bag, I even parade nicely for my master to take some pitures of it.

Am I a happy dog with the bag?? :)I can't wait to take my bag out but master has kept it away now and said I can only used it after my birthday since it is part of my birthday present.

Friday was our country 50th independence day and brother come back from KL for the weekend. Master, sister and brother went with cousin and visit grandma in Kuala Kangsar during merdeka. They left me alone in the house. :(

However, before master left, she gave me a big bone. But cousin was very naughty. He took the bone away and ask me to lay down on the floor first.

He then put the bone on my nose.

And make me balance the bone

Finally I got the bone. I am so happy with it

From shushu's master: shushu chew the bone for 2 days and finished half of it. I think he swallowed some of the rawhide before they become soft and injured his throat. The half bone has been confiscated from him since.

Today is suppose to be my training day. However, it has been raining since yesterday night and it rain again heavily this morning. So the training class is cancelled. I am very bored at home. My throat still hurt and I can't eat my kibbles. Master gave me some chicken soup instead.

Here is a picture of me looking at the rain. (can't see the rain due to master lousy HP picture)

Since nothing to do, I might as well catch up on my beauty sleep.



Pacco de Mongrel said...

nice bag...must b rather expensive...

shushu said...

hehe....a bit.
I was looking for clothing for shushu actually, as there was a dog fashion show for the pantai outing. I couldn't find any in Ipoh and the furkids shirt here also super expensive, just top up a bit can buy the bag already - and bag is more functional :P

I wonder if pacco likes to carry bag? She goes JT quite often and it might be useful....u might want to get one for her