Monday, 23 June 2008

Be careful dogs owners!

Our owner saw this today at a local forum. A dog owner lost their beloved pitt bull called Molly, and posted in a lost and found thread. The owner suspected their dog was stolen. One week plus later, the owner posted back to said that they were reunited with their dog after paying a ransom, but unfortunately their dog passed away 3 days later due to much abuse from the kidnappers.

They have attached this article in the forum to inform people of what happen to their dog and warn others to be careful. They also hope that other people will help to spread the news around to warn more people out there.

Here is the article:

Our owner feel very sad and angry to read about this case. There are truly unscrupulous people out there who will do many evil things just to get some money. They first kidnap the poor dog and abuse it and when it doesn't have much more life in it anymore, they try to get more money by calling back the owner and demand a ransom just to release the dog. Poor Molly! May she RIP and hope the people who does this to her will get what they deserve in the future.

So to all the dog owners out there, be more aware of your surrounding and do keep your babies extra safe just in case!


rgblog said...

Our dogs are more important to us than we think.

Dog owners can revel in the fact that research studies report a link between dog ownership and reduced stress and improved health for their human companions. There's nothing like the loyalty and unconditional love of a dog to balance the fast-paced, high tech nature of life today. Whatever you have to deal with, when you come home and your dog rushes to greet you with his tail wagging, the troubles of the day melt away.

Good Dog Panda!!

BWTH Dog House said...

OMdoG!! this is soooooo sad. We are so angry that we want to give those evil hooman a big only bite but we want them to die for what they did on Molly & other poor doggie. I know we should say this but we are so so sooooooo angry with their evil act & I hope they will get caught soon.

slurpy licks,

Goofy said...

oh... this is sooo bad.. oh no... bite their ass off!!! hate this!!!

Maggie said...

its so BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!
poorrrrrrrrr Molly!
sleep well molly!
see u at the rainbow bridge!

Thor said...

Oh, this is so bad news!!!
Poor Molly!


Amber said...

Mommy said no evil hoomans going to lay their hands on me. We all have to be careful.. Poor Molly,feel sorry for her family too :(


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, how sad! Poor Molly. What she must have gone through is hard to even think of.

We don't understand how humans can be so cruel. It makes us very sad -- and very angry.