Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Poisoned by a toad

Hi. This is shushu's owner here.
Yesterday was a tiring day for me. I was working late and reach home after 8pm. Both shushu and kero was waiting for me at the door and I was very happy to see them.

After playing with them for a while, i sat down in the dinning area to have my dinner. As usual, both of them will be standing at the playpen barrier between the living room and the dinning area, giving me pitiful looks in hope of getting some tidbits from me. Usually they will stand there until I finish my dinner.

However, after a while, I notice both of them were missing at the barrier and heard a faint "plok plok" (jumping) sound. I thought both of them might be chewing something they shouldn't (making mischief again) so I went and have a look.

To my horror, I saw a small toad has managed to jump into my living room (i don't know how) and shushu and kero has it trapped near the staircase. They were pawing it and it was jumping around. Knowing that toad are poisonous, I quickly walk toward them but the moment shushu saw me, he grabbed the toad in his mouth and try to run off. He couldn't go far as just a few second after holding the toad in his mouth, he split it out and start shaking his head vigorously. I can see that he was very distressed and salivating a lot.

I quickly shouted to my sister to come down while holding shushu, as he make another attempt to grab the toad again. The small toad is not helping as well as it just sit there. I told my sister to remove the toad and after she bring it to the back of the house, I release shushu and put kero in his crate. Kero was running around trying to play with shushu and distracting everyone. I wet a small towel and try to wash shushu mouth with it.

He resist and started puking foamy liquid. I got scared and started calling his vet for help. He gave me some first aid measures for poison:

1) Firstly, bring the dog to the nearby pipe and wash his mouth thoroughly.
(I brought shushu to the bathroom and use the shower to wash his mouth.)

2) Dilute some salt in warm water. Wet a towel with it and wash his mouth with the salt solution.

3) Give him some antiacid (gastric pill) and some milk to dilute the poison swallowed.

I didn't any gastric pill or milk so after washing shushu mouth with the salt solution, i drive out to the nearest 7-11 to get some. After giving him the medicine and cleaning the mess (puke and saliva on the floor), it was almost 10pm. I released kero out and try to continue my dinner but not much appetite left.

I continue to check on shushu throughout the night to make sure he is ok. He look fine this morning (the usual running around with kero) before i go off for work so I am much relieved now.

Shushu always give me unexpected surprises ever since i have him as puppy - ticks fever, pneumonia, ear infection, etc. I have learn to cope quite well with emergencies now. I also learn a lot on puppy care from the incidents, but still - it is not very good for my heart everytime it happens. :(


Goofy said...

ouch!!! that is scary!!!

but thanks to share the first aid you've shared. Who knows one day I gonna bite on those yucky looks toad!!

hope shushu will be better soon


BWTH Dog House said...

I guess I would be dead if this happen to me...mom will sure run away if she see toad or frogs around...thanks for sharing the aids with me. I really need it for my own...cant depend on the stupid mom.

anywhere Im glad you are fine & please dont scared your hooman again even though we are very good in it.

slurpy licks,

Amber said...

That must be so terrifying! Thank God Shushu is fine now. Mom should have those in case of an emergency..


Thor said...

How terrible! I´m glad that Shushu is fine!
I hope you have a great weekend!


Almighty King King said...

oh my.. glad to see that you are okay shu shu! dun try to eat those yucky ugly toads again. i am sure they dun taste nice at all. Let's just stick to our kibbles k

Maggie said...

im glad that both of you guys are alrite..
next time..bark !!! and ur M and D will know something's wrong hehehehe